Loss of Love

loss of love

Quotes for Lost of  Love:-

  • How do you forget your always on my mind? I do not want you I want you all inside! How can you not see, but when I go to tell us? How can you love when you can not control my heart?
  • Oftentimes we do not want to say goodbye to a person without love. He stopped loving them or we do not care but we can not cut on. Sometimes in a painful way to say goodbye I love you.
  • f you have a day, I really like the way you'll love me. I think that's the way you'll keep your idea a day. If you have a day, I cried for the way I speak to you soon. One day, you'll want me, but I do not want you.
  • Sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us, but the truth is, it's not our loss, but theirs, for they left the only person who wouldn't give up on them.
  • Real tears are not those that fall from the eyes and cover the face, but those that fall from the heart and cover the soul.
  • The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to.
  • I was finally getting over you and actually believing I didn't need you. I was finally accepting you had another girl. Then you smiled at me and ruined it all.
  • Why is it that I finally convince my mind that I am over you, then I see you and my heart takes over and screws everything up? Why do you have that power over me if we cannot be together?
  • Sometimes I wish I had never met you because then I could go to bed at night not knowing there was someone like you out there.
  • it hurts when we risk our hearts and it ends up being broken. but what hurts even more is when we still hold on when we already know that we're waiting for nothing...
  • I see your face I imagine your smile A fading sound of you saying something I miss that Pondering what it would feel like to share another laugh with you I miss you And it scares me that I might not find another you I realise I don’t want another you I want you.
  • Why do we wait until it is too late? Why do we let someone else have what we were too scared to reach out and take?
  • I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh, but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.
  • Even if my heart should call out your name in the rain, even if these arms should want to embrace you again, and even if I’m all cried out and no longer in pain... I’ll never fall in love that way again.
  • you always said you would be there that you would never leave me. well now i need you more then anything and all you can do is push me away.
  • I thought that by telling myself and everyone else that I hated you. That sooner or later I would come to believe it. But I now realize that by lying, it makes me want you even more.
  • "What it is, to know the difference between: the unconditional love of a friend, that will make the rest of your days happy and cheerful; and the unconditional love of a soul-mate, who will give the rest of your days meaning"
  • I still run, I still swing open the door, I still think, you'll be there like before. Doesn't everybody out there know to never come around? Some things a heart won't listen to, I'm still holding out for you.
  • The thought of you is constantly occupying my mind, but when I turn around looking for you, you’re never found. I love you and that’s a thing I can’t deny, I think of you and a tear drops in my eye.
  • The most horrible thing that can happen to you in life is to be without love, toilet paper coming to a close second.
  • You can break my heart a million times, but I will not fear love. It is not Love that caused my pain, but caring for someone who could not feel my love.
  • I am sorry i loved you all those years ago. Ive waited too long so now im using the last of my love to tell you what i felt. But I love you no more.
  • My star, my angel, you were the one I loved, and oh so quickly you were gone. I would give you the world; I would give you my soul, just to be in your arms again.
  • The one who breaks your heart is a devil of his love, but the victim is the angel and the light that shines above.
  • i lost the guy i loved so much he was my forever he died from cancer last year i miss him so much every day he is gone now i know how it feels to lose some one you care for he was the only guy i loved outside of my family i was in love with only one guy with all my heart.
  • Its hard to let go of someone that is so far away. But no matter what he will always be in my mind and of course in my heart...
  • She knew listening to "their song" would kill her inside, but she couldn't resist clicking on it, and just like she knew...She couldn't keep herself from crying, no matter how hard she tried.

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